10 minute squat test

One thing I’ve been working on (and need to do a much better job of) in my fintess is mobility. I’m 42 and not as flexible as I used to be, like to be, or need to be. I’ve found a few sites that I like. One from John Maxwell is good. This one, I really like and it was given to me by my friend and fitness coach, Sandy Sommer, it’s called Mobility WOD. What a great site. I’ve barely scratched the surface on what’s offered, but what I’ve seen so far is great. One challenge they just put out and was brought to my attention by Mr. Sommer is the 10 minute squat challenge. It’s exactly what is says it is. Try and get into a full squat, yes the ones that the kiddos do and hold it for 10 minutes. Oh by the way, I checked back to the site while I was writing this and I found one of their videos, episode 267/365,  for helping loud, creaky, knees. Which I have. Again, what a site.

Here’s the link from Sandy’s site Charm City Kettlebells 10 Minute squat test

I did this and only got about a minute and a half. I’ll be keeping my progress here. I’ll also preface this by saying my flexibility in lower back and hips isn’t what it should be. It doesn’t seem that bad, or at least I thought it wasn’t. That test said different. Also, I can’t hold the FULL squat without holding on to something, a kettlebell, couch, table. Thinking lack of flexibility. Hopefully, that will be corrected with this challenge.

7/30/11 I haven’t been doing this much lately. I did do 3 minutes without holding on to something. After about 2 minutes, this becomes, at least for me, a mental exercise. How long can I stay down here…

6/19/11 I can get into a full squat without holding on to something. My heels do come off of the ground , but I can go a little longer this time than I did a few days ago.

6/13/11   1 min 30 seconds


5 Responses to 10 minute squat test

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  2. There is no way in hell I am doing that

    • michaelsuggs says:

      I know Faizal. It’s tough. Who knows if I will get 10 min without holding on to something. I do know that it helps loosen my hips up though.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This is really a good barometer of where we are with our mobility. I’d test every 4 weeks or so and if you are using KStar’s stuff you will see improvement each time.


    Sandy Sommer

    • michaelsuggs says:

      I think so. Right now, my knees seem so tight when I get down that low. But it does get better the more I stretch. That’s a great site. I found a post on creaky knees I’m going to work on too. Lacrosse balls are on the way. I need to snag one of those bands he mentions

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