No point in being strong if you cannot move. I’d say that real fitness is the ability to move well, move how you want to  and move pain free.

I’ve been paying attention to my mobility recently. A lot of attention. It’s quickly paying dividends. My workouts are getting better, I’m moving better, and I’m feeling better.

I’ll start this page with a list of my favorite moves and places to go to learn more about this. As I’ve always stated, most everything in here are things that I’ve learned from other people who know a lot more about fitness than I do.

  1. Mobility WOD – These guys rock. Go to pick a part of the body you want work on and it’s probably in there
  2. Foam Rollers. If you don’t have one, get one. Get a good one. I’ve got a cheaper one that works, but I wish I’d have spent a little more $$$ and gotten a GRID or Rumble Roller. Use these to get loosen up deep muscle tissue. Find a spot that hurts and work on it
  3. Lacrosse balls. These are cheap and can really get to those deep trouble spots. I’ve got bad knots between my shoulders that limit my shoulder mobility. These things have done me worlds of good and they’re cheap, like 2 bucks a piece cheap. I got mine for less than that. Just like the roller, find a tight, sore spot and work on it.
  4. The Maxwell Daily Dozen. I found this one on Mike Mahler’s website. Not a bad way to start your day. You could do it while the coffee is brewing. The Maxwell Daily Dozen
  5. Neck stretch. This one is great and I got it from my Kettlebell TRX DVD. Take a kettlebell, hold it behind your back with both hands. Tilt your head back and down. Turn side to side. Then try and point your ear to the ceiling. Do these slowly trying to get a little farther with each rep. Do 10 or 15 of each direction.
  6. Neck/shoulder stretch part II. While you’ve got the bell in your hand. Just let it hang, try and stretch your head away from the shoulder of the arm holding the bell. Switch repeat.
  7. Glute stretch. This is a variation of an oldie, the one where you sit in a chair, cross your left ankle over your right knee. Lean forward and you get a nice stretch on the old glute. Try this standing up. Hold on to something, place your left ankle just above your right knee and attempt a squat and then lean forward. Switch and repeat. Great stretch
  8. Deep squat. Got this one from the Mobility WOD guys. It’s their 10 minute squat test. Just take a normal squat, just like the ones you see little kids do (Mine fall effortlessly, mocking me on this, I swear). Hold at the bottom. This will do wonders for hip mobility. Careful on this one, if your knees, lower back or whatever start talking to you, listen.

2 Responses to Mobility

  1. michaelsuggs says:

    Yes it is Sandy. And a big thanks to you for the mobility knowledge and direction you’ve given me as well. That part of your fitness is so easy to overlook.
    Patience is key. I remember some of my attempts to get fit again. I’d try and go bike like I did when I rode all of the time, or lift like I did when I lived in the gym and was in my early 30’s. Didn’t work so well. When I exercised a bit of patience, things really started to take shape and improve. Small, consistent victories and gains go a long way to success

  2. Mr. Suggs,

    All this stuff is so important. Folks need to realize that the results come pretty quickly in most cases but even if they don’t if they have patience they can change their life.

    Train with purpose,

    Sandy Sommer RKC

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