I’m Michael, a busy Husband, Dad to two wonderful kids,  and otherwise  pretty normal guy, no different than you are. Over the last two years, I’ve started a journey back to being fit. Since the beginning of 2008, I’ve dropped 45 pounds, gone from size 40 pants to 34’s,  and I’m not done. I haven’t killed myself doing it, spending hours in the gym every day to get there (all day cycling sessions notwithstanding).  This page is about a few things. One,  I’m sharing my successes and tips that I’ve learned along the way. Hopefully it will add to your fitness success. Two, to keep  my concentration on my fitness. It will be harder to get and stay off of the right path if I’m periodically updating this. Three, and most importantly, it’s about being efficient in your workouts. If you’ve got hours a day to spend in the gym, great. If not, read on, these things I’ve been doing work, and most take less than 40 minutes a day.  Most things in life, you cannot do alone. Being fit is definieley something where a good support system is essential. I look forward to learning from you.

Update. It’s May of 2011 and I’m down to 190. I gave up a little ground after hernia surgery towards the end of last year. Finished 2010 under 200lbs, barely… Got my act back together in January and am making nice progess. I’ve just enlisted a coach, Sandy Sommer of Charm City Kettlebells. He’s structuring training sessions for me. It’s great. Planning is essential. I also had a kettlebell lesson from Michael Spain of Summit Kettlebells in Dallas. Great stuff. Time well spent and worth the drive over.


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  1. Titanium says:

    Thanks for sharing Michael! I am looking forward to reading more.

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