90% of fitness is half mental…

July 16, 2011

In the spirit of Derek Jeter getting hit #3000 earlier this week, I thought I’d title this with a Yogi-ism.

Pick your favorite metaphor, but if your head isn’t into it, like anything in life, you’re going to have a hard time finding succcess.

I’ve just finished up a long week work and family wise and it threw my workout schedule off a bit. I’ve always tried to make sure my workouts don’t interfere with my family life. They’re important, but family comes first. Of course, my fitness is essential to being around for my family and being able to work to support them. It all goes together.

Weeks like this can really put a kink in your workouts, and it can be easy to not hit your goals during your workouts, or just plain miss them altogether. Exercise can to wonders for your mental state. I can’t count the times when I was a bit out of sorts and after a quick workout, I was a new man. It happened this week. The week was winding down, I’m worn out, my schedule  is off, but something about Thursday’s workout felt good. Friday, my work-stress level dropped and it was amazing the energy I had for that nights workout.

Your brain is a very powerful thing it can help you adapt and overcome, or with the wrong mindset, it can hamper your goals. That being said, I’ll mention a few thoughts on a conversation I had with my coach about this week.

I updated him and we were talking about next weeks workouts. I’ve been doing Viking Warrior Conditioning and wearing myself out, in a good way. It is intense, done correctly, and there is no way you can get more sets in every time you train. I actually missed one of my goals earlier in the week, but hit my last one on Friday. I got to thinking. On the day I missed, I got fairly close and on Friday, if I didn’t have 63 sets in mind, there is no way I would have hit it.

Which brings me to planning and Goals. Written plans and goals can help you get through the tough times when you are stressed or wearing down. What you want to do is already lined out and that’s just one less thing to worry about. Just go after what you need to do as best you can. As I said earlier, no way would I have done what I did this week workoutwise without a good plan already laid out.

Sun-Tzu says, “set the conditions of the battle before you begin” Good planning will help you do just that

Here’s to a stress free weekend!


Monday workout

May 3, 2010

I’m considering entering the Turbulence Training Transformation contest. It actually started Saturday 5/1, but I’ve got a few weeks to enter. It’s a 12 week program, typical rules, take a pic, before and after and the best transformation wins. Turbulence Training is a system by Craig Ballantyne, www.turbulencetraining.com . Craig is one of the guys who I’ve learned a lot from the last year and a half or so. I haven’t followed his system to the T, but have used a lot of his principles. If I enter the contest, I’ll have to use his workouts, which is fine by me. In fact, it may be a good change to the workout regimen. Afterall, change can be a good thing.

One of his directives is working out 3-4 times a week, every other day, with “active rest” on the off days. I have been doing 2 or three days on, one off, sometimes two. This could be a good change of pace.

That being said, I had a nice Kettlebell workout Saturday, and ran Sunday. One mile of intervals in the middle of a 2 mile run. Not bad for an “active rest” day. Tomorrow is T-ball, so that will be a good “off” day.

Here is my workout for today.

1 handed swings, alternating 35lb bell :30/:30 x6

Snatches, 35lb bell  :15/:15 x10

Swing/pushups 44lb bell 10/10 x5

Nice workout in less than 20 minutes, including warmup.

A nice Saturday workout

May 1, 2010

The last week, I seemed to have slacked a bit in my diet and workouts. I think the workouts were just a product of  life, the universe, and everything. Maybe it’s time to get up a bit earlier and get some work done in the a.m.

My back has been hurting a bit and I’m not sure why. Could be from 2 weekends in a row of T-ball tourneys where I’m on my feet for longer than I’d like to be on a Saturday. I did try some double bell work, and may have overestimated my ability, or maybe it was bad math skills…. Maybe I’m just getting old. Who knows. One thing I did notice in my workout today was maybe snatch ladders with a 44lb bell isn’t the right thing to do. The 35lb bell may be the right tool for that job, until I can improve on my form. Especially when those ladders are at the end of what I think was a pretty nice workout.

Here it is


  • Jumprope, until I miss a beat
  • 10 squats
  • 10 pushups
  • 10 goodmornings
  • halo, 35lb bell, 5/5 each way x2


TGU’s w a 44lb bell 7 minutes, alternating sides

Swings with a 44lb bell 7 min :30/:30

C&P, 44lb bell, 5/5 x5 – I may have done 6 or 7 sets. Was watching Kick Buttowski and possibly lost count

Renegade Row, 44lb bell, 5/5 x5

Snatches, 44lb bell  2 ladders, 4 rungs