Week 2 Coaching

April 21, 2011

Just finished up week 2’s workouts and I’m really enjoying it. I know I keep saying this, but it’s true and a testament to planning your workouts at least a day in advance, if not a week if possible.

My Coach, Sandy Sommer took off this week on vacation so he sent me this week and next weeks workouts. I got a little peek and understanding to what he’s doing. Definitely a method to his madness.

Saturday 4-16

Military Press

 45, 55 x 5, 65 x 3, 80 x 5, 90 x 3 and 100 x 1
Deadlift 135 x 5,5 3, 170 x 5, 195 x 3, 215 x 1

     I like this workout and it’s a nice progression. Hits the whole body and doesn’t take all day.

Sunday 4-17

Kettlebell Snatches VO2 Max 15/15 with 16kg bell for 11 minutes

     I LOVE this workout. Last weeks VO2 was for 10 minutes, next weeks for 12. Slowly working up to improve my   conditioning. I need to go ahead and get Viking Warrior Conditioning to get more out of this concept. My first couple of sets I got 7 reps on each side well within the 15 seconds. By the end, was barely getting them in.

Tuesday 4-19

Military Press 45,55 and 65 x 5
Deadlift 135 x 5,5,5

Nice simple deload workout. This week was crazy and I did this Tuesday morning before I got into my day. I don’t think I like deadlifting that early in the morning before I’ve had time to get up, properly caffeineated and loosened up. Glad it wasn’t any heavier.

Thursday 4-21

TGU 35 lbs 12 minutes. 3 breaths at each phase

I think Sandy is trying to torture me me with these. The slow progression is killer. I definitely need to record this and have him critique me. Some parts of the progression are easier than others, even from side to side.

Super Set
10 2H swings
10 pushups
as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes. I used a 44lb bell.

I don’t think I swung much last week. I missed it. Maybe I could do that in my “active recovery” days. I really like the swing a lot. From what I saw in next week workouts, I’ll be making up for this.

All in all another great workout week designed my Coach Sommer. I’ve weighed and the number was good, but I’ll weigh another time to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. It does seem that my pants are getting a bit looser and that’s awesome! Which brings me to another point, DIET, not as a verb, but as in what I eat. I’m not being very disciplined with my eating. I need to get that back together. Maybe even post an eating journal. Wouldn’t THAT be scary. All I know is you cannot out train a bad diet and all the work in the world will be lost if I keep this up.



2011 is almost here, time to regroup

December 28, 2010

Wow, I haven’t made a post since May. Not good. Not that I’m some great fitness guru or anyting with anything new to say, or a great writer; but one thing I’ve learned over the years, and this is from Brian Tracy. “You become what you think about most of the time.”

My fitness has slipped a bit the last few months and I’ll point the finger right to that four letter word we all hate – DIET. How about I call it what it should be, the way I eat. I did have hernia surgery at the end of July, and obviously it effected my workouts, but I’ll hang my slip on what it was, how I ate.

“Focus Grasshopper” as Caine was told often by his Sensei. It’s what I need for 2011 and beyond and not just on my fintess.

I’ve learned a lot during 2010, seen some different ideas on fitness as well and it’s time to put them into practice. I just picked up a book on a different style of eating, “The Paleo Solution” by Robb Wolf. I”m about 40% through it and it makes sense. Will I be able to go complete Paleo? Probably not. Will I be able to take the principles I’ve learned and will learn in it and improve myself physically? I certainly think so.

Take yesterday for example. Now, I’m not finished with the book, but I think I ate well yesterday and here’s what I’ve taken from it so far. Again, nothing new or earthshattering.

  • Eat lean protein
  • Fat (certain types in moderation) is ok
  • Keep the carb intake low
  • Eat your fruits and veggies – Thanks mom!
  • Refined sugar is really bad
  • If it comes out of a box, don’t eat it

Again, I’m sure there is more to it and I’ll learn it as I move through the book. Anyway, I had eggs and sausage for breakfast. snacked on some chocolate covered almonds and jerky throughout the day. Think I had a protein shake for lunch, more jerky then dinner. I cooked up some Talapia and broccolli. What I noticed the most was, as Robb said in the book, was I felt satisfied, but not overly full or bloated or lethargic. Now, after dinner I decided to have a little sweet snack. I got into the small peppermint patties that I got in my stocking. They were small and I had 1 serving, 150 calories. It didn’t make feel like complete crap, but I did notice a bit of a bloated feeling after I ate them. Based on the size of the serving that I had, it shouldn’t have. Maybe there is something to what Robb is on to….

I’ll finish this by saying I will use this blog for what I originally started it for. To keep track of my progress in my fitness and to help me stay focused on my fitness.

Here’s to a great 2011!

The WHY of why I’m doing this

November 14, 2009

Why am I doing this? Several reasons, really. Most importantly, accountability. Accountability to myself. I’ve spent the last 21 months getting fit (I’ve lost 45 pounds and gone from size 40 jeans to size 34’s) and improving my health. I’m not done yet, but I’m heading in the right direction. It’s a fact that you become what you spend the most time thinking about, so it’s important that my fitness is towards the top of the list of things I think about a lot. Otherwise, I’ll backslide and get back into the shape that I was in at the beginning of 2008. I know, it’s happened before. I cannot let that happen. I won’t do that to my family or myself. I’m also writing this for people like me. New parents, people who travel a lot, or people who want to improve their fitness and don’t have hours to spend in a gym to do it. I’ve learned a lot about fitness over the last 21 months from different sources and I’ll point you towards them and share as many tips and insights that I can to help out. Where I’m going with this is- You don’t have to spend hours in a gym to get the results that you’re looking for. My hope for this blog is that two way traffic happens on it. I’m looking for encouragement and fitness tips. Please feel free to post them and I hope you find them here as well.

Pick a study. Experts say anywhere from 20 -60 minutes a day, 3-7 days a week is essential. That’s a pretty wide range if you look at it. My take on it is do something physical as often as you can. 20 minutes a day 3 days a week is better than nothing. 30 minutes a day 5 days a week is better than 20 minutes/3days a week and so on. You get the picture. The better you plan your workouts, the more likely you will be to have success and reach your fitness goals.

As a Husband to a fantastic wife and Father of 2 wonderful kids, one of them brand new, I don’t have time to drive 20 minutes to the gym, workout for an hour, then drive 20 minutes home. Throw in 10 minutes to get into the gym and 10 minutes to leave the gym and that’s 2 hours. That’s why I turned to working out at home. It’s a 40 minute savings right there, just in drive time. I’ve also changed the way I workout, doing exercises that involve multiple muscle groups, upping the intensity of how I’m training and mostly trying to be more efficient in my workout time. The goal is to get more out of every second that I spend training. I’ve found ways to get in a great workout in less time than it would take me to drive to the gym in Longview and back. I’ll outline a few here and come back to them in other posts.

  1. Kettlebell training – nothing will give you a better workout that builds muscle and skyrockets your heart rate at the same time like kettlebells. They’re awesome – ‘nuff said.
  2. Interval Training – Cardio schmardio. Doing intervals with a your cardio work can produce better results in less time. I learned this from one of the people I get a lot of tips from, Craig Ballantyne. He’s the author of Turbulence Training. It’s an awesome way to work out and get the most out of your time. Click on the above link. You can get some great tips.
  3. Superset training involving large muscle groups. Again, you can incorporate a lot of your muscle groups at one time in your workouts. This can really rev up your metabolism and get you the results you’re looking for.
  4. Endurance events – It’s good to have goals. I’ve rediscovered cycling and rode in several distance events this year. I don’t plan on stopping. Cycling really clears my head. It’s very therapeutic. I’ve also started running. Didn’t ever think I’d say that willingly. I’m doing a 5k in February and another one in May of 2010.

What I’ll start out with is MOST important. It’s also one of my weaknesses, but I’m not alone in this. It’s that four letter word we all fear – DIET. Most people view diet as a verb, an action, something that we go on when we need to drop a few pounds. I think it should be thought of as a description, a way of fueling ourselves, how we eat. I think that can give us more control over what we eat, rather than having our food control us.

I’ll put this post. It’s a you tube video from Craig Ballantyne. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, but it a stunning picture of just how important diet can be. It shows how you cannot out train a bad diet. Click on this link – Diet vs Exercise Please take a look at it, it’s shocking how just a few seconds of bad eating can derail weeks of training.

Fixing your diet isn’t that complicated. It takes practice and discipline. It’s a matter of what you eat and how much you eat. Both are important. We all know, if you consume more calories than you burn, you’ll gain weight and the reverse is also true. Creating that calorie deficit is important, it’s how you lose weight. What I’ve found works well is planning and setting yourself up for success. I don’t plan my meals like I should, but I do try and keep a lot of fruit and healthy snacks around the house. If they’re visible and easily available, then they’ll most likely be what you grab when a bit of hunger strikes. Also, it may not look sheik, but taking my lunch with me to work has been great. Outside of the financial savings (about 8 bucks a day) It’s easier to pack a healthy lunch, than to stop somewhere and see what you end up with.

Eating is a struggle for me at times. I’ve had a bad month with my diet. I don’t think I’ve given up much ground the last few weeks, but I don’t think I’ve made any progress either. The most important thing to remember is don’t beat yourself up too badly if you stumble. Have a bad day, week, month with your diet or workouts? Get past it and get back on track. You can’t do anything about what you did yesterday, but you can do something about what you do from this moment forward. Get back upon that horse and ride! We can make our food choices work for us, or we can let them work against us. If your diet isn’t what is should be, make the changes. Start with small changes. If you eat a lot of fried food, burgers and junk, making an overnight switch to salads and fruit will be difficult. Make a gradual transition to better, cleaner, healthier food and less of it. Over time the better choices will become the norm and easier to choose with regularity. The goals of change will be easier to achieve if they’re manageable.