Day 4, 3rd Coaching Workout

April 14, 2011

Day 3 (yesterday) was supposed to be an active recovery day. It was just a rest day. Monday got away from me.

Workout #3 was another barbell session. I think I’m going to like the barbell sessions twice a week, if they keep up.

Millitary Press

45 x5

55 x5

65 x3

75, 85, and 95 x3


135 x1, 5, and 3

160, 180 and 205 x1

Nice low volume workout and I was able to get it in before the T-ball game. About 20 minutes, if that.

I did break protocol on the DL’s a bit. I did 180 and 205 twice.

I was pretty pumped up from the day. My facebook account was left open when I left for work and my loving wife, Lana, was mercilessly hacking me all day. Funny stuff and it had me charged up. It’s amazing the two way street your mood and excercise can have on each other. I’ve been in horrible moods, hopped on the bike or grabbed a bell and 20 minutes later I’m a new man, all calm and docile 😉 This time it was the other way. I was in an awesome mood and felt like I could have lifted that end of the house. Endorphins are a wonderful thing.

The next session is going to be a good one. Turkish Getups and supersets of Goblet squats and pullups. WOO HOO>


Day 2 VO2 max

April 13, 2011

Day 2 was a good one, quick but good

One thing about Kettlebells, they’re simple and this workout was about as simple as it gets.

10 minutes of Snatches with a 35lb bell using the VO2 max protocol.

What it that you ask? It’s 10 minutes of buttkicking.  Kettlebell snatches using :15 seconds of work and :15 seconds of rest. My goal was 10 minutes or 20 sets and I hit it. And oh yes, you’re doing 7 or 8 snatches during that 15 seconds. I did 7 per set. Doing the math, that’s 140 snatches in 10 min.

It was tough. In fact I don’t think I’ve gotten near the 10 minutes with this type of workout before. Not that I couldn’t, but I hadn’t set out with a goal of 10 minutes. Once again, a testament to planning your workouts. To tell the truth, it felt really good when I finished. Partially because I was done, mainly because I accomplished the 10 minutes I set out to do.

Kenneth Jay, Master RKC, has a book out that I’m about to read called Viking Warrior Conditioning. This protocol comes from that book.  While I don’t pretend to know all of it yet, I’ve gotten the jist of it and it seems like a fantastic way to increase your conditioning. This protocol is a big part of it, from what I’ve seen about the book so far.  I’m looking forward to reading it. One of my fitness goals is to increase my cardiovascular conditioning. This will help. When I started training for the Freeze Your Fanny bike ride this past February, I vividly remember my first training ride. It seemed like I hadn’t laid off riding at all. I attribute that to Kettlebell work.

Next up Active recovery day. Actually that turned into a straignt rest day.


Day 1 Distance Training

April 12, 2011

I got my workout plan for week 1 and I was excited to get started. I must have been. Up at 630, at the T-ball fields by 730, home at 1230. I should have been whipped.

I went ahead and started Day 1 of the program. I like it. Funny I almost delayed signing up right now because of T-ball. What a cheesey excuse. Please, like no one’s busy. That’s how I hit 250 a few years ago. Any excuse not to take care of myself.

Funny thing too. This session started off with Military Pressing and Deadlift. I actually enjoy deadlifting now, but never had in the past when I belonged to Globogym…. Guess I’m opting for simple over flashy now in my workouts.

Here it is

Military Barbell Press

45 x5

55 x5

65 x3

70, 80, 90 x3


135 x1

135 x5

135 x3

150, 175, 195 x5

I really liked this workout. I had been deadlifting first, then pressing. Not sure it mattered, but it since I don’t have a rack and have to pick everything up from the floor, my lower back is nice and warm by the time I finish the presses.

At first I thought the pressing was going to be a bit light, but it seems right on. Especially in light of the fact that tomorrows workout will be Kettlebell snatches. Lots of them…