Day 1 Distance Training

I got my workout plan for week 1 and I was excited to get started. I must have been. Up at 630, at the T-ball fields by 730, home at 1230. I should have been whipped.

I went ahead and started Day 1 of the program. I like it. Funny I almost delayed signing up right now because of T-ball. What a cheesey excuse. Please, like no one’s busy. That’s how I hit 250 a few years ago. Any excuse not to take care of myself.

Funny thing too. This session started off with Military Pressing and Deadlift. I actually enjoy deadlifting now, but never had in the past when I belonged to Globogym…. Guess I’m opting for simple over flashy now in my workouts.

Here it is

Military Barbell Press

45 x5

55 x5

65 x3

70, 80, 90 x3


135 x1

135 x5

135 x3

150, 175, 195 x5

I really liked this workout. I had been deadlifting first, then pressing. Not sure it mattered, but it since I don’t have a rack and have to pick everything up from the floor, my lower back is nice and warm by the time I finish the presses.

At first I thought the pressing was going to be a bit light, but it seems right on. Especially in light of the fact that tomorrows workout will be Kettlebell snatches. Lots of them…



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