Cycling, good for the body and mind

I finally got back on my bike again today, 8 miles in about 38 minutes. It was nice, therapetic, and none to soon since I’ve got a 5k run and 10 or 30 mile ride in 5 weeks…

I rode in the Hotter N Hell 100 in Aug of 2009. I don’t know if I got burned out training so much for it, or since my baby girl was born less than a month later, but I stopped riding almost completely. I did a 20 mile ride and 5k run last year, the same one I’m getting ready for now.

The nice thing about it was, it wasn’t near as painful as I thought it would be. I’m thinking that my Kettlebell training has given me a decent fitness base. I really love those things….  I’m still trying to figure out my training for 2011. I guess I need to write down my fitness goals and construct a program from there.

Here are my fitness goals for now

1. Do 5 strict pullups – from last year. However, I had hernia surgery in late july and didn’t pullup any until recently

2. Run a 5k nonstop – didn’t do that last year, was close, but never did it.

3. Deadlift my bodyweight. Currently 199lbs. Or it was when I weighed 12/30. I’m sure this will be adjusted as my I continue to train with the weight set Santa brought me for Christmas. Currently I can do 135 for sets of 10. I want to groove this and move up slowly. I’ve never had a good deadlift.

4. Get to and under 185lbs. I’m more concerned with body comp, but I think this would be a good weight for me. I got close just after my surgery, 190, but slacked off and hit a few lbs above 200. I think I’ve reversed the trend.

5. Last but not least. Be VERY conscious of what I eat. I just picked up The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf. I doubt I’ll go complete paleo, but I plan to incorporate some of the principles. What I’ve taken from the book so far is

     a. Eat lean protein

     b. Cut the carbs down as much as possible

     c. Eat more veggies and fruits – thanks mom!

     d. Some fats, in moderation, are good

     e. If it comes in a box, don’t eat it

     f. MOVE, MOVE, MOVE

If I can do the above 5 things 80% of the time, I believe I’ll hit my fitness goals. After an epic fail last night involving a GIANT piece of bundt cake, I need to print out a-f and staple them to my forehead….

All I know is I need to incorporate cycling and running back into my training regimen. It’s just too good not to do. Like I said, it’s good for the body and mind. Cheap therapy, well it can be depending on what you ride.


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