Resolution #14 DONE, well half done

#14 DONE

Resolution #14 be under 200lbs by 2/28/10 and 185 by 12/31/10.

I finally cracked the 200lb mark for the first time since the Mid 90s. Sad, but true. Achieving a goal is GREAT. Goals are important, managable goals. Good for the psyche, good to be able to check off small victories as we go along.

I seemed to plateau a bit at the holidays. Last year, I held serve, as I did this year, for the most part. I put on a pound or two, but didn’t beat myself up too badly over it. January came out a bit flat with my workouts. I was running some, but I seemed to lack a bit of structure with my fitness. Last year, I went old school in tracking my workouts. I used a pocket calendar. It worked, I could record interesting workouts. Keep track of what I’ve done. Simple.

I didn’t have one to start the new year out, so I went along  just doing this and that. It wasn’t working. Finally I decided to get serious again. I found a training manager on It’s simple, and I’m probably not using it to its fullest potential, but I’m keeping track of my workouts. That was mid February, and I’m still 206 and have 2 weeks to hit my first resolution.

Well, I didn’t make it, but the last week in February, I decided to take my Kettlebell workouts up another notch. I bought a Dragondoor 20kg (44lb) bell. It’s definitely different, but I started swinging it, dusted off my Enter the Kettlebell DVD and proceeded to amp my kettlebell workouts up.

A few thoughts from this

  1. Plan your workouts – Be deliberate in them
  2. Keep track of them
  3. Workout hard and don’t be afraid to lift heavier
  4. Keep the intensity high.
  5. Be conscious of what you eat

That’s the only thing that changed from January to Mid Feb. I started keeping track of my workouts and I upped the intensity of them. And man, I  LOVE that new Kettlebell

I’m going to also be more deliberate with this. Not to brag on myself or solicit comments, though any comments or ideas on how to improve, I’d love to hear. But more of a journal and a centralized place to post some neat workouts that I may come up with.



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