Blurb – planning planning planning

This will be a quick blurb, more than a post. I haven’t been posting at all lately. Time is precious and sometimes, like with your workouts, you have to make time for certain things.

Something I haven’t been doing this year is tracking my workouts. Last year, I went super simple and used a pocket calendar, 2 pages to a week. It worked great, I could plan and record what I did. I need to get back to that. One thing I’ve found out, without a plan, you’re spinning your wheels. In life, work, fitness, you need a plan. You have to be flexible and willing to deviate from it, but you need some sort of plan, nevertheless.

Not sure what I’ll do to track my workouts. For running, it’s easy, I have the Nike+ sensor that does it for me. Since running is a small part of my fitness plan, I need to do something. I found a log on Think I’ll try that.

Anyone who reads this, please feel free to respond with any ideas.



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