How go the New Years Resolutions?

I’m writing this from my bedroom while I”m watching the Cowboys vs the Eagles playoff game (got outvoted on the big tv).  1st quarter is almost over, it’s 0-0, but let me apologize in advance for any expletives that may slip into this 😉

It’s a new year, full of hope, dreams and resolutions. I’ve made a few, or thought about them at least. One of them is definitley fitness. Don’t want to let the work of the past two years go to waste.

Weather you made a resolution to start an exercise program, improve yours, share your message with others, improve, or be more conscious of your eating (one of mine for sure). It’s important to remember one thing. Don’t beat yourself up if and when you slip up. We’re not perfect, and we won’t be on track 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We can only strive to be. Just like your eating, especially during this time of the year, if you falter, don’t beat yourself up too badly, get back on that horse and RIDE. If you’ve slacked for a few days or weeks, you can’t go back and change it. What you can change is what happens from now forward. Make that change, move forward and succeed!

They say fitness cant really be a “resolution” it’s a lifestyle we need to develop. Goals to set on how many times you’ll work out each week. Things you will or won’t eat every day. Some philosophies say that you have to put yourself first when your health and or fitness is involved. I agree with that, to a point. Fitness needs to be a priority in your daily routine, but sometimes you need to put yourself first, at another time or in a different way.

I’ll give an example. We went to my parents house to celebrate Christmas the week before Christmas actually happened. I’ve been training for a 5k run in February, so I’ve been trying to run on a bit of a schedule. We all know that traveling can wreak havoc on a fitness program (I defer to the above paragraph on missing days). I got in a nice run Thursday, hit the road Friday and tried to get in a workout Saturday. No dice, well I got in a quick one before dinner; burpees, decline pushups and bodyweight squats. Better than nothing, I’d say.  Sunday rolls around and I’m raring to go get a run in. It’s not looking good at all, running was becoming less and less of an option. I’m playing in the back yard with my 4 year old son and suddenly something something caught my eye. It was an old frame for a swing that they have. The swing died, but the frame was still strong.  I swung under one of the ends and was able to get in a nice set of rows. Hmmm, not bad. After that, I got up, did a set of jump squats. Ok, this is working and again, definitely better than nothing. I kept repeating those sets until I’d had enough. I got in two workouts, totally outside of what I had planned, but got them in at least.

Here is the awesome thing about that workout. My son Kenny started doing it with me. Squatting, climbing on the frame as best he can. Hopefully I’m helping him develop good fitness habits early. So I killed two birds with one stone. Got in a good workout and had some great quality time with by boy. Success! The point is, relax, get creative with your workouts when you have to. You never know who will be watching you.

Here is to a healthy and happy 2010!!!

p.s. for more information on the 5k training program I’m rollowing go to it’s great with downloads on iTunes. More on that in a later post.

p.p.s the 2nd quarter is almost over and it’s looking good for the Boys!!! 24-7 Dallas 🙂


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